About Us

About us

Dispatch Global Logistics is a fully integrated freight forwarding company, caters the business needs in all aspects of logistics (Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Inland Freight, Warehousing, Cargo Insurance, Customs Brokerage, Door to Door and Trading solutions). Over 10 years Dispatch Global Logistics have succeeded to be the perfect partner with a worldwide network coverage, every day we expand our network with the most trusted freight agents, Air lines and shipping lines around the world.

The company was incorporated in 2007 by Mr. Mohamed Abu Bakr and Mr. Abdel Hamid El-Malatawy Chairman & CEO.  

At Dispatch Global Logistics we are committed to providing an outstanding service, through pushing our experience at the heart of everything we do. To guarantee the highest safety, and the most efficient security and quality standards.

Company Mission

Every day we build a long-term profitable relationships with our customers, by providing reliable solutions that rely on flexibility and wide range of alternatives based on a highly comprehension of the client's requirements.


The official launch for Dispatch headquarter in the Egyptian market in Sheraton Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt. Then, due to our experience, work quality and the reasonable cost of the services our sales have become a skyrocket! Moreover, the customers' trust that qualified us to expand the company existence within 2 years with another 3 branches in Alexandria, Port Said and 6th of October city.

Dispatch Global Logistics has established a new office in YIWU city, one of the important commercial areas for the Egyptian traders in China.

A new office in Guangzhou city, China was established to emphasize our success in a new territory and to serve all the Guangdong province the Chinese province on the South China Sea coast. Since then things got better, and our business volume has increased dramatically.

Dispatch has started in providing “Trading Solutions” service for the traders and by the time the volume of this services has increased significantly

Dispatch has started in providing “Door to Door” delivery service from China to Egypt.

Variety of Services

Dispatch has a strong foothold in the market, by owning four operational branches in Egypt and a warehouse in Port Said port & another one in Alexandria port. In addition to, two operational offices and our own warehouses in YIWU and Guangzhou in China.

In addition to the variety of services and solutions

Dispatch Global Logistics is providing fully integrated service solutions within their specialist area and combine to provide integrated global logistics, freight and value-added solutions.

  • FCL service from/to all destinations over the world.
  • LCL service from/to worldwide destinations.
  • Airfreight service from/to all overseas international airports.
  • Import & export custom brokerage
  • Warehousing (loading, unloading, haulage, packing, sorting, storage, etc.).
  • Local distribution (door delivery).
  • Insure your goods with an international insurance provider door to door.
  • Tailor-made service provided by our customer service department as well as a sales support to our existing customers which can guarantee a well-coordination between our sales persons, overseas agents & our valuable customers.
  • Trading solutions to support your business in China to the traders on Egypt and other international points in our service region for commercial markets.
  • Door-to-door (China/Egypt) delivery service

Our Team

“Never doubt that a small group or thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. .“

At Dispatch we have a great reason to come our workplace everyday, we come with all passion, dedication and power to provide our customers a premium service that raise their business on the top of the competitors. We come everyday to help and complete each other to obtain our customers’ trust for more years and years.

At Dispatch we appreciate and respect our teamwork, they are the main reason behind every successful deal. Over the year we loudly announce that we have achieved a big wealth, by having loyal and dedicated teamwork.

At Dispatch we invest properly in our team by applying a training program to enhance the skills, also we keen to keep their spirits up by providing a friendly and healthy work environment.